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Since 3 years, every autumn we have put our boat in the winter storage of Neumagen- Dhron.

This place guarantees the boats to be out of the water for some maintenance and also to be protected from the bad weather and frost during the few winter months.

They take from the small boats up to big ones.

Our boat is 11 tones.... look at the pictures, another boat had 14 tones.

The boats are taken out of the water with a special trailer which is moved by a strong tractor. The hull is getting steam-cleaned before the boat is moved into the hangar.

During the winter storage all mechanical, electrical maintenance and professional advice can be provided by Mr. Mattern. He is also well placed to supply all necessary spare parts. 

If you are interested to use this facility, to book a place for the next winter,  just call Robert MATTERN.  or the telephone n° :  0049.6507.70.16.70