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D-54329 KONZ- TEL. : 06501-92710.


Located on the heights of KONZ, this museum of outdoor makes the visitor discover the rural world of the Saar and the Moselle, Eiffel and Hunsrück, as well as border regions like Luxembourg and Lorraine.

Houses, barns and cattle sheds were dismounted then reconstructed in the museum to evoke the life of the rural population. Exposures sets of themes having for framework the old field of State Roscheider Hof which make it possible to be informed about the life of former times.

While passing from the classroom of 1912, the hairdressing salon of the Fifties, or certain odds and ends, one is projected in a daily world which is hardly  2 generations ago.

The best is for the end.

The Inn “HOFSCHÄNKE” which is there to give you the opportunity to taste local specialities.  You can note also that Wednesday and Thursday evening it is the evening of the escalopes  (Viennese, Milanese, with mushrooms) à gogo or all you can eat, Friday evening it is the evening of crayfish/ shrimps  also à gogo (all you can eat)…. to be recommended if you are in this area.