Vous qui passez sur mon site, avant de me quitter, merci de me laisser un souvenir de votre passage dans mon livre d'or.




We had the idea to create this page, in all modesty, to give ideas to other yachtsmen from our voyages, our experiments and our adventures. We are young “navigators” eager to travel as often as possible, and more as soon as the pension has arrived in May 2009.

Being a French-speaking, I have found travel-reports pages in German, and I do not understand everything. Then my husband, who is German, has found some pages in French. Consequently, we decided to make this web page in French initially, than in English and to tell you about our trips, our adventures and our experiences. Later on it will also be in German. 


Who are we?

We are pure Europeans…. Viviane was born as daughter of a Belgian mother and a Luxembourg father, and Georg’s parents  were Hungarian and he was born in Budapest. He became German national in 1956.

In 2009 we will be retired and ready to travel on the rivers of France, Germany and the Benelux countries.

Last year we fell in love with our PEDRO, 15 years old, but which had been maintained with a lot of love and which was made a nest for 2 people out of it. Open, clearly, comfortable, we succumbed to the charm of this lady. Having neither a navigation permit nor the license of radio operator,  and also no place in a port, we acquired it in Maurik (Holland) close to Utrecht.  By seeking a site for the boat, we found KONZ - km 200 on the Mosel (DE). And while discussing with the secretary about our transfer on 600kms, she proposed to be our skipper.


Our boat " GEORIANE"

(contraction of the names of Georg & Viviane)

PEDRO L: 11.50m X L. 3.40m

11 tons

Tie d' Water: 1.05m

Tie d' air: 3.00m

1x 115 DIESEL CV

Luxembourg registration





Date de dernière mise à jour : 02/07/2021