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07.2008 WINE SHIP



DAILY LOG: 13 July 2008

Weather Condition    :     rainy- covered

Departure time          :     11:00         from:     KONZ   

Arrival time                :     17:00         at      :  NEUMAGEN-DHRON   

2 locks                        :    TRIER (VHF 78) and   DETZEM (VHF 79)     

Engine hours              :     6 HOURS (1:45 for the locks)

Little engine               :     none

Distance                     :     48 kms


11:00   departure from the harbour and at 11:15 we are front of the lock TRIER. 2 freighters are already there and we will have to go after them.  I am sure we won’t be out before 12:30

12:15   we are still waiting for our tour and by seeing the length of them (2x 100m & 1x 80m) we were hoping to enter with one of them. Bad luck!  A working ship came and joined the big ship.  Let’s wait for the second round, in the rain. It is not funny at all.

12: 30 we could enter with one from Drachten: Aquafast (!)  and at 13:00 we are out. The way on the river goes well and going down we are having a speed of 11-13 km/ hr.

15:00 we are approaching DETZEM and without any delay we could enter with “Benjamin”.

15:15 we are out of the lock and the way to Neumagen-Dhron will need 2 hours.

17:00   we are fixed in our box 8.


WEINSHIFF-FEST- 1ST BIRTHDAY- as last year, the schedule of the activities were planed during the 2.5 days.

Friday 11.07- opening of the stands at 18:00.  Many people were there and the drinks and food tents were busy.  The only bad thing was a heavy or a long rain. That was not planed.

Saturday 12.07 and Sunday 13.07- few activities are keeping the people busy. Live-Music and fire-works in the evening.



DAILY LOG:  13 July 2008- we must go home.


Weather Condition    :   covered but no rain

Departure time          :   9:50   from :           NEUMAGEN-DHRON          

Arrival time                :    16:00 at      :          KONZ

2 locks                        :    DETZEM and TRIER

Engine hours               :    5: 50 hrs

Little engine               :    none

Distance                     :    48 kms


11:05   - PK 166- DETZEM lock- 3 freighters are waiting front of the doors. We take over “MADONNA”, than “BAVARIA 52”, and the 3rd one is an old well known ship the “MARIE-JOSEPH”. 

What a coincidence- To meet her in Detzem, but on the opposite way. Last year, same month, going down the river we had our first very bad experience on the river with MARIE-JOSEPH (# 07/07 MARIE-JOSEPH).

We entered with her.  Suddenly all the souvenirs from last year came back and we were sure that the experience from 2007 would not be repeated.

To enter took long and finally we were fixed behind Marie-Joseph.

Believe it or not- when they started to go out, the Captain pushed again his power much too strong when there is a sport boat behind him and after a few seconds Georg and I had to drop to ropes.  Impossible to keep the boat at the wall. Georg reacted fast and could move Georiane forward not to hit the wall at the back of the lock. There we decided to inform the Lock man on channel 79 who was surprised to hear that and was giving excuses to Marie-Joseph. When he heard Georg‘s voice he understood that we were not joking and ask the boat to behave better.  I am sure the Captain should not have been happy by that as they looked at us in a funny way. We went out and let him go his way at his own speed.


I was just hoping that we won’t be with him in the next lock.

At 14:30 TRIER lock- PK 195 – “UNDINE” from Cochem is front of us and we were sticking at her just trying to be in the lock together. Bad luck. Undine did a U turn and left this area to finally leave us with Marie-Joseph and a small boat “ MOBY DICK”.


15:00- we are all in.

Before the water level was good to go out, the Marie-Joseph Captain went to see the lock man.  We were astonished that he stayed for quite a long time “to pay” or to chat. We don’t know what he said there but when he came downstairs, the lights were already green and the lock was open.  The crew of Marie Joseph slowly and carefully drove the ship towards the exit of the lock as we are used to see when responsible crews are on the bridge.  The Captain came to us and was really upset about our comments in DETZEM to someone who has 44 years of navigation- who never had problems.  He showed us the way the boat was slowly going out and we confirmed that it is the right speed and he wanted to convince us that it was like that in DETZEM which was not the case. This man was looking like someone having an alcoholic problem.  He was not in a good mood and when Georg told him that last year he has put our life in danger, he was really astonished and we made his day.

It was time to have finally the opportunity to tell him what he did to us in 2007.


Finally we were behind him up to KONZ where we fixed the boat at 16:00.

Happy to be back.

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