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07.08 ARMADA (EN)

ARMADA  2008- 


5 & 6 July.



The right bank of the river is the starting point of Armada and it ' s “Cathedrals of the Seas”.

We are impatient  to admire them. We are  motor boat sailors in fresh water  and it  would be  difficult to believe  that these giants of the seas leave us insensitive.  After leaving the station of Rouen, we stopped first at a small kiosk to take the information  and the leaflets of this event. We  walked down  the street Jeanne d’Arc  as a part of the early crowd .  We made a small stop at our hotel (HOTEL DANDY, street Cauchoise located at 10 ' from the station and 10 ' of the quays) to deposit our luggage and then walked towards the quays.


We spent 2 days at this great event and saw the sky over the Seine changing in all possible colors. There was really a big crowd, but we could get everywhere without any problems. A brass / music band  with  dancers, took us along  the bank of the river. The images which we saw will stay in our memories for long time. One could see the crews who worked on the bridges. These sailing ships are  under constant  care.  The sailors paint, wax, wash every day.

Like my husband  uses to say:  On a boat  everything which moves has to be saluted and everything not moving has to be painted.  

A boat at sea without care shows corrosion instantly. 


One could not say that it was hot during those two days and it was recommendable to have an umbrella. It only rained a little bit and there was sunshine from time to time. 

For people who call photographing their hobby this was the ideal environment. Of course it takes the right angle, right  illumination and Click, the picture is done. Even it was really crowded  it was possible to get close to the sailing ships.  We had the dream to visit one of the wonderful ships being moored along the quay, but when we saw people queuing up to 100 meters we lost the courage to join them. It is a petty not to have enough patience. 

Saturday afternoon, we made a small flight with a sports plane. It was a 30 minutes flight over Rouen as close to the Armada as the existing restriction allowed it. It was wonderful to see the Seine and all the ships from the air. This was really worth the effort.

On Sunday we undertook a roundtrip by boat and could see the sailing ships from the angle of the water. 

On both evenings we could witness many animations and fireworks.




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