Vous qui passez sur mon site, avant de me quitter, merci de me laisser un souvenir de votre passage dans mon livre d'or.



PK 200 - MARINA OF KONZ –   situated in the greenery at 300m from the entry of the Saar into the Mosel. There is a nice clubhouse with a bar, where the harbor- master Mrs. Kornelia Franzen serves drinks and meals.  The port and its installations are well maintained.

Nearby you will find the city of KONZ which is easy to be reached by bicycle.  Furthermore you will find a network of cycle tracks along the Mosel and the Saar.   In 5 minutes walking distance the train station KONZ KREUZ offers frequent departures to Trier and Luxembourg.

The port also offers a boat-slip installation and a crane.  For technical boat service there are service stations, on the Mosel, in Schweich (km 178) and Schwebsange (Luxembourg, km 237,5) .

For information in English and German, please contact Mrs. Kornelia Franken or her husband Werner.  tel.: 0049-6501-4431 or


PK-158- MARINA MITTELMOSEL OF NEUMAGEN-DHRON - is situated in the oldest village of vine growers of the Mosel. The Port is integrated in the village with all its restaurants, shops and wine places.  The village looks back to a long history with “Roman” origin.  Many landmarks and monuments have been found. The village is also well known for the sculpture of the famous “wine-ship”.  The port is very well maintained and gives a unique view on the wine yards.

Sipping good wine and looking at the ships and boats passing by gives the impression like the time would have stopped. It is really a dream.

Since September 2007 the village offers a new attraction the wine ship STELLA NOVIOMAGI a life copy of the stone ship sculpture from the roman times. During your stay in this charming village you can test yourself in ancient navigation.

Yachthafen Neumagen-Dhron Robert Mattern  Moselstr. 21

54347 Neumagen-Dhron    Telefon: (06507) 701670


PK 299- METZ PORT OF THE REGATES –   The Port of the Regattas is a charming corner and it is located at a side arm of the Moselle  next to a park and the boundary walls of an ancient fortification.  The center of the city is only about 500 meters away and invites for nice walks. Try to place your boat with a view on the cathedral. This is in particular recommended for the ones who arrive here at the first time.


PK- 311 CORNY  at the MOSEL.   This is a rather romantic harbor 10km away from Metz. The entry is very narrow and bordered with stones. With the dimensions of our boat we were at the limit. The harbor itself is very nice and is surrounded by trees. The installations are the ones of the nearby camp ground. For a grocery store one has to travel to the village. 

We were anyway fortunate to find shelter in this harbor during a heavy thunderstorm.

Tel. 00.33.387.52.03.59





We decided to take a brake in this village. It was very quiet and like in the good old days. There not much and nothing special, but it was just enough to feel well.

-         a grocery  store like in the fifties, with almost nothing, but one could order a bread for next morning……..the best for a coffee in the morning. A very nice welcome and one could also borrow the local newspaper which was otherwise not obtainable.

-         There was sonly one café restaurant in the village. The kitchen was O.K. but the prices were much too high for such a place, an Orangina for 3€ and a rump steak for 14,- €. They may see the boat people once but after that they can forget them. We are not picky on this kind of expenses but one should not pull the leg of customers.

-         The hygienic installations of the marina were the shame. We were told that the installations were open for everybody, the sailors and the locals. Having seen this place we preferred to use the comfort of Georiane.

-         We have walked around and also visited the two war cemeteries of World War I, the French and the German.

Tel: 00.33.387.86.65.01

PK 164 -NANCY PORT ST GEORGE.  Port St George is very pleasant, very large and is 15' walking minutes from the center and in particular not too far away from the Place Stanislaus, which has been recently renovated. It is simply superb!

The marina has received a price for its environmental quality. The installations in the harbor office are modern. The neighborhood is green and one can see the water gardens. This is close to a dream to relax or to walk.

Capitainerie Tél : +33 (0)3 83 37 63 70
Fax :
+33 (0)3 83 20 67 08
E-mail :

Informations complémentaires :


PK 11- The MARINA OF SAARBURG:  is to be recommended. There is all what is necessary for the sailors in transit. The marina is located in the middle of nature. There is a club house with a bar and all facilities like sanitary building with all installations and also washing machine and dryer. All of this is managed by a very pleasant harbor master and his lady.

There is a BBQ place close to the club house which can be used by the guests.  It is recommendable to order breakfast for the following morning which is served in an excellent way.

It is worth the effort to take the 20 minutes walk to downtown Saarburg.

Tel: 0049.6581.6351


PK 44- MARINA OF MERZIG:  The port is located on the Saar in a driving distance (by car) of approximately 35 km from Trier and 35 km from Saarbrücken.  The entry of the port is pretty narrow, but no problem if you take a wide curve.

It is a petty that the port is not very well maintained. Some repairs could help to give a better impression for the skippers and visitors.  In front of the port there is a bar and restaurant with a nice terrace giving a good view on the boats.  Right next to it is the Brewery Restaurant SAARFUERST.

The city of Merzig can be reached by walking or by bicycle. A few hundred meters further is  “ DAS BAD”  a bath with indoor- outdoor pools, bubble bath, jets, river current and other attractions for people who are young and longer young.

The PARK OF THE WOLVES of Werner Freund is unique and shows the relation between wolves and a man.

Tel.: 00.49.6861.792884   or

On the river Lahn.

PK 126,8 - KUTSCHER' S MARINA BAD EMS.  This marina on the Lahn is in the charming narrow hood of Bad Ems. The Rhine is only to 11 km from there. The marina is managed by the family Kutscher. This is an ideal place to stop and rest. All one needs is near by. There is the boat shop owned by the family Kutscher with all items a sailor needs. Aldi and Lidl are not far away and after a walk of 15 minutes one can reach the center of Bad Ems.

BAD EMS has not only one splendid park with its Casino, a Russian church to visit. There is also cable-car which takes us on top of the city with a superb view on the town on the two sides of the river. 

Tel.: 00.49.2603.4297 

PK 123,8 DAUSENAU-   Is a medieval town, still surrounded by remains of the ancient defence walls. There are also still old towers, one of them is the so called Schiefe Turm stemming from 1359. Dausenau is a nice place to stay over night or even longer. At the bank of the river near the old wall one can fix the boat and find water and electricity. There are several restaurants in the village but we recommend the bar restaurant “Der Schiefe Turm” which is run by Marlene. She is an extremely kind person and as a splendid cook she will spoil you with an outstanding meal.  .

If the boat is moored on the river, don’t be concerned. Locks being closed of 18: 00 to 10: 00 of the morning, you will sleep perfectly, in a very calm environment.



There is a romantic river halt with water and electricity provided by the local club. The boat is moored in the middle of nature. Showers are far away which is not a problem if the installations on the boat do exist. The  village has 3 restaurants (we tried 2) a butcher and a baker.

From the train-station one can reach LIMBURG within 10 minutes. This visit is a must. After Limburg the Lahn is anyway closed for navigation.






One gave us the name of the Captain of the Marina: Mr. RÖMINKE,: 0178.160.5729. Small marina which is situated in a beautiful park. This marina is to be recommended. It is two kilometers away from the Deutsche Eck which means at the same time the city. The walk takes you along the Rhine with a nice view on the river and the other side of the Rhine.  It should be noted that not far from the port there is a store EDEKA which allows the supply of the sailors…. Very practical. And in this same street you have the Restaurant SPLIT and a little higher a Greek restaurant which are both to be recommended.


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