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HISWA Te Water

Boat Show of the Water Sport, in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Each year, during one week, the Marina Seaport IJmuiden is the point of test card of the water sport in the Netherlands. At the time of this enthralling event, the yachtsmen can be let inspired by the most recent developments on the plan of the boats and navigation.

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Exposure of Boats in all the forms, sizes and price. This expo presents all that is related to the industry of boats but also of clothing, the accessories and the restoration of boats.

We were lucky because in spite of many clouds and a wind to cut the breath but which made the stays sing, the sun was shining for us.

We could admire yachts, sailing ships, catamarans and sloepen (open or closed boats of luxury). Traditional of wood or polyester, without forgetting the steel or the aluminum representing the pallet of nautical construction.  

Along the quays, on the walk d' IJmuiden of many restaurants and bars, full with small shops of all kinds or more techniques with more than 120 stands, in the fields of the nautical products and the specialized maritime services.

With more than 500 ships, no other exposure in the European water of boat does comprise such a complete range of the boats in the popular length from seven to 30 meters. The yards and the importers know what the event must offer: A particularly professional exposure of water sports which attracts a great number of potential customers of the another side of Europe.

It is a choice of life style . Without worrying where they hail all over the world, all the visitors of the exposure of boat of seaport of HISWA Amsterdam spend their spare time on the water. With that who wants to live its passion best is to have its own boat. And it is why the most important motivation is to visit this exposure of boat, to see, compare and buy!

International profile.  Many visitors come from outside of the Netherlands, mainly from Germany, or France, or Belgium, or Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries. The visitors from Italy and Russia are also increasingly numerous. The exhibitors come from everywhere in the world and the manufacturers of series often show their whole range.


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