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Big meeting in April  18,19 & 20, 2008 in St Jean de Losne (France)  for the Easter Boat (PAQUES BOAT in French), 8th River Show.

The appointment of the sailors on fresh water, and which takes place every 2 years. An appointment not to be missed for all the unconditional of the river navigation.

We went to visit it for the first time and here we give you a few news about it. We did not take our boat, but it was a small excursion by car. If you need more info, please go on this web. Site:


It took place in the harbor city of Saint-Jean-de-Losne,  in Côte d’Or, a French department, which is at the junction of the River Saone and the Channel of Burgundy.  This Easter Boat is the most professional by far of the national river boat shows. It accommodates on average of 100 exhibitors under individual capitals and with flood, marines, yacht-men and professional, institutional and associative actors of the way on the water.  Some 50000 unconditional inland navigators have the time in one weekend to test with ground and flood the all last models of boats, boat- engines, discover the most recent accessories, the harbor equipment, the services, meet the most active originators and promoters.

Since its creation in April 1994, Easter Boat saw raveling on its level the most pointed technologies, the most astonishing boats, projects, and the innovations. But it’s spirit did not change: we always meet there all this and all those which count on the fresh water. One speaks there English, Dutch or German as much as French. We can visit, test, compare with ground or flood, hold a cruising or a river hiring, meet an expert, an insurer, a building site, to affiliate with an association or to initiate with the canoe-kayak.

OUR IMPRESSIONS: the weather has been with us. Grey sky and covered but no rain. We took our time to visit all the stands and may be to find our happiness. More than 100 exhibitors, very interesting conferences, (river tourism in France and Burgundy, preview of the upsetting of the GROUPAMA 3, at the time of the attempt of the record of the Trophy Jules Verne, on the role of l' ANPEI etc, of animations for adults and also for the children). This river Boat show is to be recommended.. New dates in 2010….

See some photographs in my heading: DIVERS ( or miscellaneous).

On the way to St Jean-de-Losne, we stopped in a canal port which we like very much: CORRE. It is next to the castle which is calm with a beautiful sight. Next to it is another one called: the MARINA with all installations necessary for a good comfort..

The Halt of GRIPPORT is not recommended. Located right in front of the lock, with sight on the back of scrap merchant or a garage. Not nice at all..

After St Jean de Losne, we went along the DOUBS…. superb and romantic corners. In Besancon we could of course not resist to the call of the sea!!!  by taking a passenger boat which took us along the river and under the rock of the Citadel. Impossible to go further that day because the river was too strong.

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